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About Us

ANTWORKSMONEY.COM has been setup by ANTWORKS CAPITAL, registered under Indian Companies Act (LLPIN AAB0157). Our principal offices are in Gurgaon and Faridabad. We have plans to open offices across India in near future.


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Borrower Assistance Fees

Sl. Particulars Fees and Charges
1 Borrower Registration RS. 500
2 Loan processing charges Rs. 1500/- per Borrower payable either at time of Registration or after Loan is Tied up (before Disbursement of Loan).
3 Loan Tie-up Fees 3.0% of Loan Amount for first Loan of the Borrower
2.5% of Loan Amount for second Loan onwards
4 Usage Service Charge in case of Prepayment/ Foreclosure Rs. 500/- per Loan Prepaid
5 Payment delay charges Rs. 500/- for every instance of failure to pay EMI on due date.


Lender Assistance Fees


Sl. Particulars Fees and Charges
1 Lender Enrolment Rs. 500
2 Loan Administration Charges Loan Administration Charges (calculated for each loan separately) is payable by the Lender on an annual basis as a percentage of the principal loan amount (subject to a minimum of Rs. 1000/- per annum per Lender) according to the following schedule. Loan Administration Charges is payable before disbursement of the Loan and at annual interval (in advance) thereafter. Loan Administration Charge is payable for the full year even if the Loan is fully repaid mid of the year.
Interest Rate of the Loan
12%-16% pa. 16%-20% pa. 20%-24% pa. Above 24% pa.
2.0% pa. 2.5% pa. 3.0% pa. 4.0% pa.
3 Loan Recovery Charges Reimbursement of expenses and other charges as communicated by Antworks P2P Financing and 5.0% of the Recovery Amount